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This book is the sixth in a series of books written by Jake Bussolini. It is the last in his series of books that blend the science of fishing with the sport of fishing. This book is directed at the experienced angler and covers a broad range of subjects that the author feels he has not thoroughly covered in his previous books. The first half of this book covers some of the more complex questions about fish health, growth, population and nutrition. Then the subject of Sonar image interpretations are re-visited, going deep into the understanding of what screen images really mean. The author also covers less complicated subjects like the strike zone, using sound to catch fish, selecting the right bait or lure including a look at the author’s ten favorite lures. The second half of the book describes several of the fishing experiences of the author including lessons learned from these experiences. The book ends with some brief coverage of filleting your fish, stepping up your equipment and a broad description of the responsibilities of every experienced angler.

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ISBN 13 (Softcover) 978-1-49186-317-6

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