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This book is the seventh in a series written by Jake Bussolini. Because of the positive response received from his previous books, Jake took the advice of many of his readers and extracted the many interesting and sometimes controversial subjects from his past books, did a great deal of updating on his research and packaged the new material into this book.

Many of the subjects in this book are truly controversial for many experienced anglers who have been using the same angling techniques and fishing myths for most of their life. The author has examined each of these myths, performing detailed tests where needed to prove that scientifically, the myths are no longer valid and may never have been.

The title of this book, “Fishing Different” implies that the book contains discussions of different and unique ways to approach the sport that will make the angling experience more interesting and of course, more successful for all anglers of all ages.

To make the reading experience more interesting the author has used history and historical events to support his theories and processes. This is a unique way to increase the reading enjoyment of this book.

ISBN 13 (Softcover) 978-1-5049-8671-7

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