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Since man’s earliest knowledge of fish and their behavior, the basic elements of fish behavior have never changed. They appear to have been placed on earth to provide food for humans, survive as a species and reproduce. In spite of the consistent behavior of fish, each year hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by fishermen and women trying to find a better ways to catch these fish This book is based on the premise that rather than spending a lot of money on new equipment, we can catch bigger fish by seeking a better understanding of the science that drives the behavior of the fish that we seek. The book focuses on a few species of fish that the author feels are the best freshwater fighting fish like Stripers, Catfish, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye. The book is a text for the person who wants to be a serious fisherman or women and catch bigger and better fighting fish. Some of the popular myths about fishing are discussed in detail and in a few cases these myths are crushed by the authors own test data. The book has the unique feature of placing heavy concentration on the use of sonar fish finders as a tool for catching more fish and contains over one hundred photos and illustrations that will assist the reader in recognizing images produced by common sonar equipment. You cannot read this book and come away without a great deal of additional knowledge that will increase your catch and add excitement to your fishing experiences. All books purchased through this website will be signed by the author.

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ISBN 13 (Softcover): 9781438912714

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