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Because of his extensive work teaching youngsters and their families how to fish and also about wildlife conservation, Jake decided that what was needed was a complete book about fishing basics. This book starts with the most basic elements about fishing. It discusses why things are the way they are with fish and their surroundings, moving on to discuss much of the simple science about the weather and its affect on the fish. The book provided everything that you need to know about freshwater fishing from the basic elements of tying on a hook, to bait choices, knots, hook types and many of the simple rigs to use for the different fish species. The book later moves into slightly more advanced elements of Sonar pattern recognition to assist the angler to increase catch rate by understanding fish finding equipment. The book contains more than 100 photos and charts, making for easy reading for both youngster and adults alike. All books purchased through this website will be signed by the author.

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ISBN 13 (Softcover) 978-1-48171-642-0

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