Jakes Take on The Lake

“Jakes Take on The Lake” was a gift from my wife. After reading it once, I decided that I needed to read it again with my son because it is packed full of good information for the beginner lake fisherman. Thanks Jake for this gift.

-An Anonymous Reader

The Catfish Hunters

I checked my mail and I got my copy today..Have started reading and can not put it down!!!there is a lot of information that will be put to use at the next tournament…all I can say folks is you gotta get this book. Thanks Professor Mac and Jake for giving us this book.

-An Anonymous Reader

My book arrived in the mail yesterday and after a long day on the water I dove right into it. This is a great book by two local legends Jake Bussolini and Mac Byrum. This book goes into great detail using various techniques and the science behind fish habits and different bodies of water. If you want to learn more about Cat fishing you must ask Santa to bring you this book.

-An Anonymous Reader

“WOW !!!! Let me start by saying, WOW !!!! Did I mention, WOW !!! Mac CONGRATS and thank you, I got the book thursday and have been reading a little every night. These guys have packed this book FULL of some amazing research and fact’s and knowledge. I don’t care if you consider yourself the “ELITE PRO CATFISHERMAN” there is something in this book for you. The science behind the fish is what really has got my attention too. I mean if yah wanna catch the fish ya gotta BE the fish, right, lol. Seriously this is one AWESOME read and I appreciate your work Mac & Jake. Cant wait to finish it.”

– Brian, Fairdale KY

Mr. Mac B. I ordered you book a week or so ago and yesterday(Saturday) it arrived. Last night I read the first few pages and got to the first picture of the graft showing crappie,bass,perch and catfish feeding on the bottom and to say that I have a lot to learn is an understatement. You folks need to get this book and read it if the first few pages are any indication of what it holds and can be learned it’s a MUST Read. Thanks Mac!

-Anonymous, Iowa