The Catfish Hunters

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The Catfish HuntersThe Catfish Hunters is a 300 plus page book that is crammed full of details about the sport and science of Catfishing. Any fisherman or women that wants to better understand the best techniques to use to catch monster Catfish, will get that knowledge from this book. The book is easy to read, written by fishermen for fishermen. The science is made simple and understandable and the various fishing techniques are clearly illustrated for easy understanding. The book contains more than 100 photos and other illustrations to aid in making interesting reading. In addition to the instructional and educational value, this books goes a step further by relating the experiences of the two authors as they traveled the Eastern United States, looking for new and different fishing approaches, used by other experienced Catfishermen. To experience the finer points of Catfishing, from the basics of hooks and rigs, to boat configurations and bait preparation, The Catfish Hunters provides the answers to make its readers better Catfishermen and women. All books purchased through this website will be signed by the author.

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ISBN 13 (Softcover): 9781467076654

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